Not all Realtors are the same. Most real estate agents (at least in Colorado) have pretty much the same education and do the same amount of continuing ed to keep sharp and comply with the state mandated license requirements. That is basically where the similarities stop. All Realtors have their own personalities and way they do things.

Some real estate agents believe the internet is the best place to advertise and get listings out there and some don't. In today's day and age there is no doubt that a high traffic and professional website is not only good for the buyers to find a home with advanced search features and property alerts but for sellers as well. If a buyer is on a local website that is the area they plan to buy. It would only make sense to have your listing showcased on a local site. The local website might not have the traffic ZIllow does but it is much more targeted to the local market. Any agent that doesn't market online and have the skills to do so is not representing their sellers the way they should. 

There are a lot of old school real estate agents that actually still remember the days of MLS books that were binders in every real estate office. The buyers had to visit the office to see printouts of all the listings. Those days are long gone. Even in a mountain area like the Denver Foothills. Everyone finds the homes they want to preview online. From Denver homes to homes in the mountains, they are all online and the more people that see your home online the more people will view your home in person.

There are the real estate agents that live for the open house as well. There is a secret that Realtors don't tell their clients about open homes. That secret is they really don't sell your home. Most open homes are designed for one thing. For the real estate agent to get more buyer leads. Yep, most people that go to open homes are pretty early in the stage of buying, most don't have agents yet and most people look at an average of 10 homes (with and agent) before buying. The odds of someone walking into a listing and buying from an open home is very small. 

Danny Skelly has a long history of marketing and online marketing and design. He is the founder and employing broker at Orson Hill Realty. Before starting in real estate years ago, he had a marketing company that did direct mail, web design and marketing in Florida. Most of his clients were real estate agents and title companies so he learned how to perfect the marketing of real estate listings.  

It is also important when choosing a Realtor that you find someone you can work with. As a buyer or seller you will be in constant communication with your real estate agent. This is a huge investment and should not be taken lightly. Find someone you trust and can enjoy looking at homes with and can relate to. You will be spending a lot of time with them through the home buying/selling process.

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